Unplanned stopover in Doha

I did feel slightly edgy that the departure from London hadn’t released the gate number half an hour before we were meant to take off. It had arrived late and many of us who had tight ongoing connections asked what would happen and we were told it would be fine. In other words, fobbed off.

We arrived in Doha at around 0045 and I was well aware of my connection departing at 0110! It seemed to take absolutely ages to get off the plane and then into the bus to chug along to transfers. Once there, it seemed chaotic and I ran to the gate which was ‘Last Call’- ing. My boarding pass was scanned and it wouldn’t go through so I was sent to the transfers desk, as had others in front of me. This did not look good. The queue was very long and by this point I knew that I wasn’t getting on that plane. But the communication from Qatar Airways was dire and they didn’t even bother to tell me this. The queue was very slow and some other people who’d come from London were getting anxious so we flagged someone down who then went off for ages to try and sort something out.

In summary I ended up alone in a hotel by 5am, watching the sun rise. It has been a bit lonely but I’ve managed to pass the time. Thank goodness I packed spare clothes in my hand luggage (suitcase still at airport – apparently).

Nadia said I should blog about my day. This involved waking at 10 for breakfast, watching a bad film, having a late lunch, skyping the parents, doing sudoku that I saved from the paper and most productively sewing a hole in my cardigan that I’ve neglected for over a year.

Waiting for the bus back to Doha airport now. The flight is to Bangkok and then change for Yangon. Am not too optimistic as it’s a tight connection, but at least I’ll be nearby!





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