Burmese Dinner for #MyLondonSupperclubs

When we saw Asma posting about her plan for a post Brexit series of supperclubs to celebrate the diversity of London (and it’s food!) it seemed the perfect opportunity to get back into cooking and spreading our love for the food of Burma.

Our supperclub on the 17th September passed without any big disasters and our diners enjoyed the evening! I will admit that around 30 minutes before everyone was due to arrive, I was in the extremely hot kitchen, hovering over the deep fat fryer, sweating buckets, thinking of all the things we still had to do, wondering, why am I doing this again?! However that moment passed quickly and when it was all over and we got to meet and speak to our guests it was all worth it!

Below are some photos from the evening. Thank you to everyone who came along, Asma for giving us the opportunity and of course 68 and Boston for hosting us. Thank you also to the husbands for their superb waitering skills and patience with two slightly ragged cooks! We have raised about £800 from the evening which we are donating to Medical Action Myanmar.

We already have another event in the planning, this time in our beloved East London. Watch this space!

Mutton puffs


Lahpet thoke



Khayan thi thoke



Ohn no kaukswe



Tohu Kyaw



Mont lone yay paw






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