About us


We are sisters with Burmese / Chinese origin born and bred in London. We love cooking and introducing people to Burmese food in particular. What we make isn’t fancy – it’s just the traditional home cooking that we grew up with, which reminds us of happy times with our family. In our day jobs we are both junior doctors, which we enjoy very much.

We made our first trip to Burma in 2012. Here we are in Bagan.



We held our first pop-up at Ye Olde Rose and Crown in Walthamstow in 2013 as part of E17popup. 60 diners chowed down bowls of ohn-no khaukswe and mango cheesecake. We got some really nice feedback (below) so we were invited to return, feeding 80 diners a selection of salads, nangyi thoke and banana pudding!


Then there was a bit of a break, with Emily working in Burma for 6 months (which you can read more about on this blog) and having a baby. Feeling itchy to get back in the kitchen, we took part in Asma Khan’s (of Darjeeling Express) series of supperclubs for My London Supperclubs in September 2016, to celebrate the diversity of London and its food.

Since then we’ve continued to host supperclubs at the fabulous Tina We Salute You E20. Our dinners involve hearty portions in a lovely setting and often involving our family members. We have donated proceeds from our dinners, approximately £2000,  to various organisations since September 2015. We even appeared on BBC Burmese with our Mum in 2017. 


That’s Amy, the little sister on the left and Emily, big one, on the right, after a long day exploring Inle Lake.

Contact us at rangoonsisters@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “About us

  1. Please add me to your mailing list if you are still running your events, and also if and how I may contact you other than facebook and twitter which I don’t communicate on.
    Thank you

    • Hi! Our email address is rangoonsisters AT gmail.com. It is on this page but sorry if you couldn’t find it! X

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